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CSA Policies & Member Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to remember to pick up your share during the listed pick-up hours for the Pick-up Location you are signed up at, and to read and abide by our Pick-up Protocol and Policies.  Live Earth Farm does not reimburse for Shares missed because you forgot to pick up or did not follow instructions.

It’s very important to understand and follow our Pick-up Protocol and Policies, as they are meant to make the CSA experience a positive one and are integral to the successful operation of our program! Not following instructions leads to problems, and chronic abusers may be asked to leave our membership.  Any Shares remaining at the close of pick-up hours may be donated by the site hosts, so be sure to pick up your Share during the listed hours on the correct day.


We communicate with our membership primarily through email and posts published on our web site.  These emails and posts include information about what will be in upcoming share boxes and recipes. We also send email announcements to our CSA Community about upcoming Community Farm Days and other Farm Events.

As a member of our CSA program, you understand it is your responsibility to open and read the emails we send so that you stay informed.  If your email address changes, you need to update it in the Contact Info tab of your online account (to continue to receive member-specific alerts) as well as in our community email list.

To help you receive and filter emails from us, we do our best to include either Live Earth Farm or Live Earth Farm CSA in the Subject line of our emails.  The address our member-specific alerts are sent from is – farmigo.liveearthfarm@farmigo-csa-hr.appspotmail.com – so please make sure to add this address to your contact list so our alerts reach your inbox.  This is a send-only address; please do not use it to communicate with us because we will not receive your email.

Weekly emails include
– “Reminder to edit your share” emails are sent Friday and Monday morning.  Though we send reminder emails, it is your responsibility to remember to edit your Share Contents so we highly recommend creating your own reminder rather than relying on the emails.

– A “what’s in your share” email is sent the morning of your Delivery Day if you are receiving a Share for the week.  This email confirms your Share Contents, Pick-up Location and Delivery Date, and your Subscription.

If you are not receiving these emails, check your junk/spam folder since emails sent through our CSA software service sometimes end up there (see above).

Subscription Policies

CSA subscriptions are ongoing and deliveries continue based on our Seasonal Delivery Schedules unless a Delivery Hold is placed (see below) or a subscription is canceled (see Cancellation Policy below).

Subscription Delivery Holds

You can place holds on your subscription through your online account.  Holds can be for one or more weeks at a time.  Click here for Delivery Hold instructions

Alternatives to putting your subscription on hold are: to share your CSA program with those who might be interested – have a friend or neighbor pick your share up while you’re gone, or give it to the person who house or pet sits for you while you’re away (please, be sure anyone picking up for you are well versed in the Pick-Up Protocol and know the address and hours of the pick-up site!); or you can arrange to donate it to Loaves and Fishes (see below).

Donating Your Share

One way to donate your share is by not picking it up.  Your site host will anonymously donate it at the end of the day.  Or, you can arrange to donate your share to the Pajaro Valley branch of Loaves & Fishes in Watsonville, where they are greatly appreciated! Your email address is provided to Loaves and Fishes so they can send you a donation receipt.

If you know a week in advance that you will not be able to pick up your share and want to donate it to Loaves & Fishes, you have the ability to arrange this through your online account. Simply log in to your account, click on the blue Change Location button at the top of the Summary box, and change your Pick-up Location to “Donations”. When you are ready to begin picking up at your home location again, switch back to it.

Please note: changes to your Pick-up Location can be made Friday 8:00 AM – Monday 11:00 AM for the upcoming week. The system prevents changes during other hours while we run reports, prepare for deliveries and post them to member accounts.  Click here for instructions for changing your Location.

Cancellation Policy

Subscriptions are for a minimum of 4 deliveries. Notice of cancellation is 2 weeks. For example, if you decide you need to cancel your subscription three weeks into it and give us 2 weeks notice, you will receive a total of 5 deliveries. A $25.00 cancellation fee may apply.

Any scheduled automatic installment payments will be canceled (if you paid with paper checks, un-deposited checks will be voided and either shredded or returned to you).  Any credit balance left on your account after all deliveries and fees will be refunded to you by check (see Refund Policy below).

Refund Policy

There is a $25.00 processing fee for refunding of any credit balance that results from changes to your subscription initiated by you (including delivery holds or cancellation).  This means balances less than $25.00 will not be refunded.

There is NO processing fee if an error or change on our part necessitates a refund.

Any “Bonus Credit” added at the time a payment was made will NOT be included in the refund amount.

Refunds are made by check within 30 days of the last delivery and are mailed to the address in your account contact info unless you let us know otherwise.

Support our food education non-profit, Farm Discovery, by donating all or part of your refund, and receive a tax deduction! Farm Discovery is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. We will provide you with a donation thank-you letter with our Tax ID for your records. And the children who participate in and benefit from this educational program will be most grateful!


You are welcome to split a share with someone, however, share-splitting is the responsibility of the member who signed up for the share; we do not manage the splitting of shares. This includes payment: the Primary Member listed on account is responsible for all payments – do not divide the cost and pay half/have your share-splitter pay half. You pay us for everything and have your share-splitter reimburse you for their half. DO make sure your share-splitter knows our Pick-up Protocol and Policies, and add them to our community email list so they can receive their own copy of our email announcements!

Your share splitter can be added as a Secondary Contact in your Account.  Click on the Contact Info tab in your online account to add their email address and click a box so they will receive any member-specific email communications and alerts.

Payment by Check Policies

Pre-dated checks for installments please

If you choose the Installment Payment plan and are going to pay by paper check, please pre-write and send us ALL your checks for ALL installment payments at the same time (pre-dated April 1, May 1, June 1, etc.). We keep them on file and deposit them on the first of the month for which they are written. If you should drop out of the program for any reason, we will void and return (or shred) all of your un-deposited checks.

Returned-check Policy (this includes eChecks)

If a paper check or an ACH/Electronic Check payment is returned for any reason, we reserve the right to collect a fee equal to the amount of the bank fees we are charged, plus $25.00 to cover the logistical costs inherent in correcting the situation/arranging for replacement payment, etc.