Live Earth Farm U-Pick Schedule 2020-07-24T08:41:31-07:00

Farm Stand & U-picking currently
CLOSED due to COVID-19. We will make a formal announcement when we will reopen, hopefully soon!


U-Pick Details

U-Picks are held seasonally – CURRENTLY CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC

Please be advised that availability of crops varies from week to week – check the table below for the status of available items.

Discounts apply to produce the more you pick!

Bring buckets, boxes, or other containers to harvest into, or purchase containers from us for a small fee.

Make sure to dress accordingly – layers, hats, sunblock. Load up the kids, pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it! 

Though we appreciate canine friends, please do not bring your dogs to our farm.

Schedule Updates

 Fruit Status Estimated Start Dates* Unit Price Updated Notes
 Strawberries CLOSED TBD TBD 7/20/20 Albion
 Blackberries CLOSED TBD TBD 7/20/20
 Dry-farmed Tomatoes CLOSED TBD TBD 7/20/20 Early Girls
 Peppers CLOSED TBD TBD 7/20/20 Poblano, Sweet Pimento, Hungarian Round
 Apples Out of Season TBD TBD 7/20/20 Fuji and Royal Gala
 Pumpkins Out of Season TBD TBD 7/20/20 Jack-O-Lanterns and Sugar Pies

* All dates and prices subject to change without notice.  Check this schedule regularly, or contact the farm for current information regarding U-Pick status.