Ongoing Membership Payment Terms

The Payment Plan for Choice Shares is called Pre-paid Credit on Account.

An initial payment amount is selected and made during the Sign-up process: initial amounts range from $150 to $2000.  Amounts of $500 and above receive bonus credits; for example, if $1000 is paid the total credit on account will be $1030.

Payment methods are: ACH/Electronic Check or regular Paper Check (please see our Returned Check Policies), Credit/Debit Card (VISA, MC, DISC, AMX), or PayPal.

Every week the total amount for your delivery – including share contents and any options – is deducted from the pre-paid credit on your account.  When a delivery makes your balance go below zero, a payment is automatically made (in the amount chosen during Sign-up) the following day to replenish the credit in your account.  Recurring payment amounts of $500 and above continue to receive the bonus credit.

Email notifications are sent when an account balance goes below $50 and $10, usually a week or two prior to the payment being made, so please check your emails from the Farm on a regular basis.

If you want your recurring payment amount to be different from the initial payment amount, you can change it before the next recurring one is processed using the blue Manage Payments button in your online account

Please see our CSA Policies for information about subscription cancellation and refunding of any credit balance.

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