• What’s in our Shares: April 12th & 13th

    Click above to find out What's in our Shares & Recipes for the 13th Delivery Week of our 2017 CSA Season.

  • Farmers Markets

    Get your veggies! Visit us at one of the local Farmers Markets we attend. Click above for a list of where and when. :-)

  • Springtime Blooms on the Farm

    Click above to see what blooms during Springtime on the Farm.

  • Farm Discovery Summer Camps

    In depth field-to-fork experiences, Farm Discovery's Summer Camps offer a unique opportunity for kids to engage with the food the Farm grows. Click above for more info.

  • Climate-Friendly Farming

    You would be hard pressed to find a better model of biodiversity and climate resilience than Live Earth Farm, concluded CalCAN. Click above for their full profile of the Farm.

  • Bats & Pest Control

    Elissa Olimpi, a PhD Candidate in Environmental Studies at UCSC, has been researching bats as pest control on farms along the Central Coast. Click the headline to see the bats she indentified on the Farm.