Ongoing Membership Payment Terms

Ongoing Membership Payment Terms

The Payment Plan for Choice Shares is called Pre-paid Credit on Account.

An initial payment amount is selected and made during the Sign-up process: initial amounts range from $150 to $2000.  Amounts of $500 and above receive bonus credits; for example, if $1000 is paid the total credit on account will be $1030.

Payment methods are: ACH/Electronic Check or regular Paper Check (please see our Returned Check Policies), Credit/Debit Card (VISA, MC, DISC, AMX), or PayPal.

Every week the total amount for your delivery – including share contents and any options – is deducted from the pre-paid credit on your account.  When a delivery makes your balance reach or go below zero, a payment is automatically made (in the amount chosen during Sign-up) the following day to replenish the credit in your account.  An email notification is sent when an account balance goes below $50, usually a week or two prior to the payment being made, so please check your emails from the Farm on a regular basis.

If you want your recurring payment amount to be different from the initial payment amount, you can change it by making a payment before the next recurring one is processed.  For instance, if you made an initial payment of $1000 and want your recurring payment amount to be $250, before the first recurring payment of $1000 is made you can change the recurring payment amount to $250 by making a payment of $250 through your online account

Recurring payment amounts of $500 and above continue to receive the bonus credit.

Please see our CSA Policies for information about subscription cancelation and refunding of any credit balance.

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