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Climate-Friendly Farming at Live Earth Farm

20 May

California Climate & Agriculture Network (CalCAN) recently completed a case study on our farm.  “You would be hard pressed to find a better model of biodiversity and climate resilience than Live Earth Farm,” was their conclusion. Click here for a PDF of the full profile

What’s on your plate can make a difference

24 April

On Earth Day like on any other day most of us eat 1-3 meals. Eating a meal, this humble ritual, affects not only our own physical health and well-being but collectively, as a human community, it is arguably the most important activity affecting the health of our planet. Most of us “Eaters” are so removed […]

New Beginnings without Winter Dormancy

09 April

We are delighted to welcome both returning and new members to celebrate our 20th anniversary of Community Supported Farming. As many returning members have noticed, we have taken the CSA in a new direction by introducing the entire membership to the more flexible and choice based program we offered on a limited basis last year. […]

Every Seed Tells a Story

10 February

“Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.” – Henry David Thoreau, The Dispersion of Seeds. Warm weather, last weekend’s replenishing rain, and days getting noticeably […]

We are all in it together – From the Ground Up!

27 January

The soils that should be saturated from winter rains right now are drying out instead. I notice that the “itch” I get at the beginning of every season to prepare the soil and start planting seems too early. After rejuvenating rains in December, we haven’t seen any precipitation. January should be the wettest month of […]

Winter Reflections

13 January

After a few weeks of relative quiet here on the farm we are excited to resume our weekly delivery of winter shares. My own rhythm has slowed considerably and mimics that of the farm. Plants move nutrients more slowly during winter, which results in often sweeter and more pronounced flavors. Carrots become crisper, and when […]

A Pause to be Thankful

19 November

We did it! Yesterday, almost all of the 80,000 bare root strawberry plants got planted by late afternoon, beating the arrival of this week’s anticipated rainstorms. All of us felt a sense of relief and well deserved accomplishment now that next season’s strawberry crop is safely planted. After 20 years of farming, I still get […]

Every Vote Counts – So does every Meal

04 November

Wednesday morning I was helping load the delivery truck and it made me happy to think of all our members who will receive their shares. Freshly harvested the day before, they will most likely be transformed into a healthy home cooked meal by the evening. Most of you will agree that a weekly CSA share […]

Trick-or-Treat – Rain is on the Way!

28 October

The season’s first rainmaker is predicted to approach the Central Coast this Friday and Saturday. Although no more than 1 inch of rain is expected to fall, it is enough to give us some drought relief. After almost six months of harvesting every single day, we are tired and dream of slowing down a bit […]

Newbies on the Farm: a Bug, a Truck and a Cow!

08 October

Let’s start with the “bad bug” news. The prolonged heat wave we experienced last week may have extended the harvest of dry-farmed tomatoes, green beans and peppers for a few more weeks but on the flipside it also attracted a new exotic heat loving insect pest, a stink bug called Bagrada. This African native has […]