Little Treasures in Food and Community

Our three Tomato U-Pick events have been inspiring and fun. An estimated 500 people visited the farm and picked well over 2 tons of tomatoes – that’s an impressive 4,400 pounds. The seasonal abundance was enjoyed by all, as families explored the farm beyond the tomato patch to pick and taste other seasonal favorites such as raspberries, strawberries, apples, cherry tomatoes, tomatillos, and peppers. I personally always enjoy the tractor rides; children are my biggest fans (maybe some adults as well) and this time the added attraction was the apple cider press. After the rides, kids got to experience the crushing and pressing of freshly picked apples into refreshingly sweet cider.

At the end of the day last Saturday, after breaking down the tents and cleaning up, I was surprised to see a small gift bag sitting on the driver’s seat of my truck. Inside, neatly wrapped in silk paper, I found a beautiful assortment of preserves made with farm grown ingredients. I immediately recognized Laurel Parvesi’s (neighbor just down the road from us and longtime farm supporter and CSA member) signature candied orange peel, her jars of berry and plum jam, and tomato sauce. Yes, I will admit, I was teary eyed!!! What a delight! Wow, if that isn’t testimony enough of how easy and fun it is to collaborate as a food-community, between those who produce and those who cook, between those who cook and those who eat (that’s all of us). The taste of something you pick with your hands, perfectly ripe at the peak of its growing season, brought home to the kitchen to turn into tasty creations to share with others, is not just nourishing and flavorful – it’s filled with the taste of love.

Thank you all for coming to enjoy and support “your” farm and its educational programs. We have a few more events planned (Discovery Program Fundraiser, Annual Harvest Festival), and if you just want to swing by for a visit, the best day is Saturday when the Farm Stand is open 10-4. Check out the rest of the newsletter for more details about our upcoming farm events.

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