A Joyous Start to Summer

A Joyous Start to Summer

Saturday’s 18th annual Solstice Celebration was alive with joy and excitement.  It was probably one of the best attended, judging by the circle of people that just kept growing and growing, winding in all directions around several pot-luck tables of delicious and carefully prepared food.



The weather was beautiful and everyone who attended, especially the children, brought the farm alive by exploring and participating in the many activities offered throughout the event.


Although I spent most of my time giving tractor rides, people were spread throughout the farm picking berries, face-painting, climbing around in the newly erected straw-bale fort, making pizzas in the cob oven, playing with the farm animals, going on self-guided tours to explore the native corridors around the fields, and as the sun set, children helped me light the bonfire and we danced to Kuzanga’s uplifting and lively marimba music.


I always cherish the Summer Solstice; it is a moment when I feel connected to our community, revitalized to embrace the rigors of summer. Many thanks to all who participated and helped make it another great celebration. – Tom


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