New Beginnings without Winter Dormancy

We are delighted to welcome both returning and new members to celebrate our 20th anniversary of Community Supported Farming. As many returning members have noticed, we have taken the CSA in a new direction by introducing the entire membership to the more flexible and choice based program we offered on a limited basis last year. The decision to change was made because of the overwhelming positive feedback we received from participating members, and because it streamlines the management of the CSA as a whole. We are thrilled, and we hope you are as well, that the shared CSA commitment of eating and cooking with the farm’s seasonal bounty is now a lot more flexible and convenient.  (Click here for FAQs about our Shares)

Spring on the farm can be compared to the early phase of pregnancy: we are planting, planning and laying the groundwork for the healthy abundance to come. The freshly tilled soil smells rich and musky, and the first germinating seeds, transplants, and blooming orchards are brimming with the promise of bountiful flavors, smells and colors. I recognize the familiar Spring Season nervousness as I am asked to commit to nature’s irresistible embrace- to dance, once again, the seasonal cycle of fertility and nourishment.

With no rain during March, everything shifted into an accelerated schedule as the soil started drying out quickly. Field preparations, incorporating cover crops, planting, seeding, weeding, cultivating, irrigating all started much earlier. We finished apple pruning mid-March, just in time to get the farm ready for the Sheep-to-Shawl Spring kick-off celebration – which drew a record crowd of almost 400 people.

The farm has also sprung alive with lots of kids exploring the fields, orchards, and wildlife corridors. Besides the on-going programs with homeschool groups, “Food What” teens, and the longstanding Santa Cruz Montessori Wavecrest program, added school tours and overnight stays have kicked into high gear.

Earlier this week it felt like a temporary relief when the storm system a couple of days ago dropped almost 1 inch of much needed rain – a blessing for many of our early plantings of dry-farmed tomatoes, potatoes, summer squash, and green beans. While harvesting carrots in the pouring rain on Tuesday morning, I realized we really never had what one might consider a “normal” winter – one that is cold and wet for long enough to slow us down to rest. Now here we are at the beginning of the Main Season, ready for another journey together through Spring, Summer and Fall. Thank you all for joining us – here’s to another bountiful Season!

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