Members Comment

Members Comment

Here are some recent comments from CSA Members –

“You guys are great, and your products are second to none!”  –  Steve J.

“Just picked up my first CSA box from Live Earth Farm, it is fabulous!!!!  Everything is so fresh.  There is a good variety of vegetables, not too many or little of anything.  I munched on the radishes as I put things into my fridge.  Thank you so much.”  –  Elena L.

And about our new Choice Share –

“I’ve been meaning to write and tell you how much we love the new Choice share! I know it has to be much harder to coordinate because everyone is getting something different, but it’s perfect for those of us who are control freaks. 🙂 I can max out on celeriac when it’s in season, whereas someone else will be thrilled to have the turnips I don’t adore. I CAN’T WAIT FOR SUMMER!!”  –  Leslie R.

“…it has been great getting to choose vegetables each week.  My family has many food allergies and it will be especially handy during the main season!”  –  Karen S.

“I just picked up my first choice share and I am thrilled.  Hooray!  so glad you are doing this. I took the winter season off from LEF CSA, but was soon missing my LEF fresh veggies.  Now I’m back and able to choose. So nice.  I’ve never been fond of cilantro or radishes and mine frequently went to waste.  No longer. Thank you for making the extra effort to make these choices possible.  It’s renewed my commitment to LEF.”  –  Laurel P.

“I love the new choice box. It is fitting so much better with what I need.”  –  Suzy W.

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