Ever Changing Fields – July 2014

While some crops, like raspberry and blackberry canes, remain in the same place for a couple of years, as the season progresses most crops are rotated through the fields.  Take a walk with us to see the changes.

lower fields 8.2014

In January 2013 this portion of field was flooded, and now there are rows of raspberries and a corner of our community strawberry field.

lower fields 8.2014-2

A little over two weeks ago, this field was being plowed. Now it’s full of transplants, crops that will be ready for harvest within the next month or so.

chard and purslane 8.2014

The chard has a competitor – purslane. Though edible, purslane is considered a weed and can quickly take over a field if left unchecked.

blackberries 8.2014

These blackberries also went through the December frost – so thick in between the rows it looked snow.

winter squash field 8.2014

Two weeks ago this field was just freshly formed rows. Now it’s full of winter squash. The white leaves are the original ones from the transplants, dusted with clay to hinder pests like flea beetles.

raspberries 8.2014

This field of first year raspberry canes was last summer’s community tomato field. And before that, in March 2013 it was full of cover crop.

Be sure to mark your calendar and join us on Saturday, August 16th for a Community Farm Day and Dry-farmed Tomato U-pick.  Come take your own field walk, and enjoy the Farm!



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