FAQs about our Shares

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our Shares.

How do your Shares give me choice?

Each week, Farmer Tom will pre-fill your Share with organic produce with a total average value of $25.  The contents of your Share can then be edited by you, and items can either be added or removed based on what you wish to receive and our harvest availability.

If you do not make changes to your Share or put it on hold for the week, you will receive the pre-selected contents.

What is the price of the Share?

The average value of the pre-selected items added to the Shares will be $25, yet the actual price of the Share will vary each week if you add or remove items.  When you make changes, the minimum value a share can be is $25.00.

Can I add and remove items from my Share?

Yes, based on the week’s harvests and availability, you can both add to and remove from the pre-selected items already in your Share.  For instance, the Share could contain beets and carrots, and you will be able to remove the beets and add more carrots if you wish.  There may also be other items, available in limited quantities and not included in the pre-selected contents, that you can add to your Share.

What happens if I don’t edit my Share contents?

If you do not edit the contents of your Share, you will receive the pre-selected items as your Share for the week.  All Shares will be labeled with the name of the member to whom it belongs.  The total average value of the pre-selected Share contents will be $25.

Is there a minimum and maximum value of the Share?

The minimum value a Share can be is $25.00.

There is no maximum to the amount you can order, so if you want to double up on your Share one week, you could double the quantities of each item in it.  You will also be able to add other items, not part of the pre-selected contents, that may be available in limited quantities.

When will I be able to see and edit the contents of my Share?

You will be able to edit your Share over the weekend prior to the upcoming week’s delivery.  The exact hours are:  8:00 AM Friday thru 11:00 AM Monday.

How do I edit the contents of my Share?

Basically, the items in your Share are an “order” in our “Web Store” that you can add and remove items from.  Click here for more details

Can I add as much as I want of individual items?

Based on the week’s harvest there may be enough of a specific item, like heads of lettuce, that you could order up to 5, while there may be a maximum of only 2 for other items from a smaller harvest.  When making changes to your Share, click on the item in the Store to see what the maximum order quantity is.

When availability allows, we will also offer larger bulk quantities, like flats of berries and boxes of tomatoes, for adding to your delivery.

Will there be produce from other farms available, too?

The majority of produce items available will be from the Farm.  There will be times, though, when we source items from other nearby farms, and these “Other Produce” items will be available to add to your Share (and may even be part of the pre-selected contents).

How does the Extra Fruit Option work?

If you are subscribed to the Fruit Option, additional fruit items will be included in the pre-selected contents of your share. The items are listed in weekly reminder-to-edit emails, and can be added to or removed when making changes.

Do I need to sign-up again for a Share at the end of the Season?

You do not need to re-sign up at the end of a Season.  Your CSA subscription is ongoing and you will receive a Share, based on our seasonal delivery schedules, unless you place a delivery hold or choose to cancel your subscription. (Please see info about Ongoing Membership Payment Terms and our CSA Policies)

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