Soon it will be time to renew your CSA partnership with Live Earth Farm

24 September

I want to give everyone a heads-up that next week, as we always do at this time of year, we will open the registration for the 2013-14 Winter and Main Season CSA membership. I want to remind and reassure everyone that your participation and commitment plays a fundamental role in the health of the Farm; it is directly woven into the life of this land, its people, plants, animals, and soil.

Like planting and sowing seeds in the field to ensure an abundant harvest, this is the time when we “plant the seeds” to ensure that the life-cycle of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program continues healthy, vibrant and abundant. The CSA is, in essence, who we are as a Farm.  It is a partnership with you, our members, and a journey through the growing seasons, where we commit to sharing both the risk and bounty inherent in growing your food. Every week you receive a sampling of our efforts, which in turn becomes a part of your family meals throughout the season.

The sign-up details will be spelled out in next week’s newsletter and e-mails. We are grateful for your commitment and continued participation in Live Earth Farm’s mission to build a healthy, sustainable, local food-shed; to inspire and educate others, especially children and youth through our hands-on farm education programs; and to celebrate as a community the importance of growing and eating healthy, tasty, and just food.