Student Corner: Soquel PENS Fall Tours with Kim and Doug

19 November

“Dirt made my lunch, dirt made my lunch, thank you dirt, thanks a bunch for my salad, my sandwich, my milk and my munch, cause dirt, you made my lunch!”  nl 8

This chorus can be heard echoing across the fire circle as Kim Woodland and her husband Doug “Dirt” Greenfield, finish up a farm tour with Soquel PENS.

Soquel PENS (Parent Education Nursery School) is a small non-profit co-op preschool where Kim teaches children and their parents together.  Doug one of the four local stars of the Banana Slug String Band which produced such hits as “Dirt Made My Lunch”, “Banana Slug” and “Roots, Stems and Leaves”.  Growing up in Santa Cruz, I have to say that it is pretty cool to have such legends on the Discovery Program’s board of directors.

Through out the tour, Kim and Doug act out skits, sing songs and find teachable moments all over the Discovery Garden.

Doug and Kim have been running farm tours for Soquel PENS in the spring and fall for the last few years.  Their teaching styles and songs are great for a young outdoor educator like me to observe and the families on the tours benefit from their enthusiasm as well!

To check out my favorite Banana Slug String Band album, click here: