“Organic Rising” – A Worthy Cause to Support

“Organic Rising” – A Worthy Cause to Support

Last year in late Spring, Anthony Suau, a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, stopped by the Farm on an assignment to document and experience first hand the work of organic farmers in this country. Mr Suau has released a video, ORGANIC RISING, a summary of what he documented up to this point. He explores how the “Organic Farming Movement” has matured into a healthy alternative to replace today’s unsustainable food and farming system.

The next phase is to produce a full-length educational documentary of how Organic Farming is creating a more abundant and nutritious food supply where consumers and farmers participate in creating a sustainable food system. With the release of Organic Rising, Mr. Suau is requesting donations to fund this next phase in his work.

Having met Mr. Suau I am convinced he has the integrity, courage and expertise to take on this challenging subject.  I encourage everyone to support him by sharing the video and donating to make this promising endeavor a success.  We all eat and sit at the same table to figure out this important challenge, maybe the most important one of our time – healing our current unsustainable relationship with nature. Our food decisions are meaningful ways to make a difference, whether joining a local farm’s CSA, shopping at the farmer’s market, making locally sourced menu choices at a restaurant, or simply cooking and sharing a meal at home, these are simple but interconnected food solutions that contribute to a healthier local and regional food web.

Check out the video (below) and see if you recognize some familiar Live Earth Farm sites and faces!

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