Oh Joy – Picking & Tasting in the Fields

Oh Joy – Picking & Tasting in the Fields

It feels as if the season is turning into summer a little earlier than usual … yesterday I was fixing an irrigation line in one of our apricot orchards and was surprised when a branch of orange fruit caught my eye.

These ‘cots may look ripe, yet they’ve got another week or two to go before they’re ready to pick.

My hand instinctively reached for them, and to my surprise a few of the fruit were soft. I had to stop everything – my whole body was excited with anticipation of tasting the very first ripe “Blenheim” of the season.

Farmer Tom enjoying his first apricot of the season. Though others have looked, we have yet to find his secret patch of ripe ‘cots.

What a treat, all my senses celebrated savoring this exquisite fruit. For a moment all my worries were set aside, I was just filled with gratitude and joy.  It’s hard to explain in words, it’s something you’ve got to go out and try.

Come out and join us this Saturday for the Season’s first Community Farm Day and Strawberry U-Pick event. It’s fun to experience and taste something directly from our fields and orchards – a way to understand  what it takes to enjoy a good meal each day.

When: Saturday May 31st, 10am – 3pm
Where: Enter the farm at our “Green Valley Entrance” at 1275 Green Valley Road (click here for directions)
Parking: Please follow the parking signs when you get here
Cost:  No entry fee.  U-harvested strawberries will only cost $2.50 basket (50 cents will benefit the Discovery Program).
Limit:  There may be a limit on how many strawberries one gets to pick, however we will offer extra strawberries at our Farm Stand if you like to stock up. We will also offer refreshments and some healthy foods and snacks if you like to explore and picnic on the farm.

Other: We ask that you do not bring dogs to our farm; please leave them at home.

The Community Strawberry Field is ready and waiting for you. 🙂

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