Let the Season Begin!

Let the Season Begin!

How we eat determines to a considerable extent how the world is used.
                                                                                                          – Wendell Berry

The farm has shed its winter coat and sprung alive! We are excited to welcome all our members, customers, supporters, and friends as we start our 18th Regular Season. I still get that same calling now as I did in 1996, when I dug the soil with a fork and spade to plant the farm’s first potato crop – a desire to work the land and release the soil’s fertile and nourishing bounty. Once again mother nature’s call to join her for another seasonal dance is irresistible as she awakens from her 5 months of dormancy. Dressed in vibrantly colorful flowers, tender green foliage, accompanied by bird song and sweet perfume, I surrender to her intoxicating energy and demanding rhythm.  Little will dissuade me from renewing my vows of stewardship while she whispers a promise of bountiful harvests and nourishing treasures.


Besides my enchantment with the natural farm environment, the people who make up the farm’s vibrant food community always inspire me. As eaters and producers of food everyone participates in the stewardship of the land. I encourage everyone to see the farm as an extension of their home and garden; the farm is a resource where we have the opportunity to experience and revitalize our connection to the source of our nourishment and the seasonal cycles of nature. I hope everyone has the time and opportunity to engage with the farm to enjoy this deeper connection.

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Throughout the season we host an extensive program of tours, camps, workshops, U-pick and Community Farm Days, In-the-Field Dinners, and Seasonal Summer and Fall harvest celebrations. For the latest happenings on the farm, check out our events calendar or our facebook page, get on our mailing list for the farm’s weekly news, visit our farm stand which will open every Saturday starting in May or call and we’d be glad to let you know when is a good time to visit.

From all of us here at Live Earth Farm – a warm welcome!!!

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