Once again the Earth’s fertile embrace is irresistible – the farm is alive; from the soil up, everything is bursting with Spring energy.  As we start our 19th CSA season, we extend a heartfelt welcome to all our members, both returning and new ones. Thank you for joining us on another tasty and nourishing journey through the seasons.


The food we grow not only reflects the passion, experience, and care of all the people who live and work here, it also carries the taste and nourishment unique to the climate, soil, and surrounding landscape the farm is situated in.  We invite you to see the farm as a resource, a place for all to enjoy and celebrate. As E.F. Schumacher once said: “the farm is a place where people matter, the land matters and where the love for our work brings forth from the earth health for us all.”

The recent rains, albeit not enough to reverse this winter’s rain deficit, did saturate the farm’s topsoil enough to help the covercrops reach full maturity and quench the thirst of our fruit trees – just in time to support the new growth of roots, shoots, flowers, and fruits.

The covercrop in this field is now over the head of Tom’s daughter, Elisa.

We are especially excited about what looks like another abundant set of Blenheim Apricots. For those who haven’t tasted Blenheims, you are in for a treat (late June/early July) – these are probably the best tasting apricots around. The Santa Rosa Plums are also showing a nice set and the apple orchard is just starting to put on its beautiful flower dress, with Galas and Pink Pearls “showing off” first.

The young apricots shown here have benefited from the warm dry weather which helped with fruit-set. It’s going to be an abundant apricot season again. 🙂

Beautiful blossoms mean tasty apples in about 6 months.

We couldn’t have timed the start of CSA deliveries any better; we expect nice warm weather all week which means the strawberries will ripen just in time for everyone to get a sampling. Beyond the seasonal bounty of fruits and vegetables, we encourage you to visit and enjoy the farm by participating in any of the numerous events we host throughout the year.

In March we kicked-off the Spring season with our 5th Annual Sheep-to-Shawl Fair – it was loads of fun and a great success with over 300 visitors attending. Our Non-profit Live Earth Farm Discovery Program (LEFDP) offers an amazing range of hands-on educational programs, farm tours, farm dinners, kids camps and workshops enjoyable for all ages – make sure to check out their schedule on our website. In addition, don’t miss out attending our monthly Community Farm and U-Pick Days (last Saturday of every month May-October) and to join us for our fun-filled and popular Solstice and Harvest Fests in June and October.

Welcome to all! We hope to see you here on the farm!!

Farmer Victor harvesting Savoy Cabbage.

Farmer Juan using the flame weeder to control weed growth in the field.

Farmer Clemente removing protective row covers now the seedlings under them have become established.

Farmer Luis washing carrots, harvested in the morning, before the afternoon pack.

Farmer Leobardo weeding beds of recently transplanted cauliflower.

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