Grateful to Continue On

Grateful to Continue On

Happy New Year to All!!! 2013 is the beginning of our 19th Growing Season, and all of us here at the Farm recognize our resilience is built upon and supported by a diverse and interconnected community of people, plants, and animals. We are grateful that we have been able to nourish and rely on this fabric of mutually supportive relationships to continue growing healthy tasty food that gives pleasure to prepare, eat, share, and celebrate as a community.

Winter Rainbow

With the beginning of the Year I also want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who  has already signed up for the 2013 season, and for those who haven’t yet or are pondering whether to sign up, it may still seem early but now is a good time to do so since the 2% Early Registration discount will end January 31st.

I want to reassure everyone that behind the pleasure of receiving a weekly box of Live Earth Farm freshly grown fruits and vegetables, you are directly participating in a local food community, and supporting the health of the food-shed we all live in. The food you receive nourishes not only your personal health but is also connected to the health of the land, the farmers, and the entire local food economy. Your participation further supports the farm’s thriving educational efforts to bring children and young adults to the farm to experience, hands-on, how food is grown sustainably and inspire them to adopt healthier eating habits. As Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members, the farm is a resource for you to enjoy and we encourage you to visit and participate in many of the farm’s activities and monthly community events held throughout the year.

Now is the time we like to spread the word about the farm’s CSA Program to meet our seasonal membership goals. Please help us reach out among your community of friends, family, and co-workers.  We’d be happy to send you an outreach materials package, talk to interested people or organizations in your community to set up a CSA drop off site, supply you with fliers, brochures, or an e-mail write up.  We always welcome your ideas on how to expand and continue building a strong farm community, so please contact me (Farmer Tom) at or Taylor Brady at to help you get the word out.

Thank you to all our friends and members who support Live Earth Farm. We really appreciate it!

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