Farm News & Tom’s Reflections: A Busy Week

Farm News & Tom’s Reflections: A Busy Week

Yesterday we completed our annual organic certification audit, always a relief since it involves a diverse and organized trail of paperwork and on-site inspections to demonstrate how we meet all the national organic rules and regulations – a list that never tends to get simpler or shorter.   We passed with flying colors and I will, as my wife Constance suggested, write in more detail in a future newsletter what is all behind the certified organic label and what it means to a farmer and to you, our members and Live Earth Farm customers.

It is a busy week, in the field and off the field.  Apple harvesting and sorting is straining many of our other planting, weeding and harvesting schedules.  Luckily, the raspberry and pepper crops are slowing down.

SLICE (still time to sign up) –this Saturday’s Discovery Program Fundraiser, is very timely since the event is located between our Gala orchard and Fuji apple orchard. The Gala’s are ripe and currently being harvested, and the Fuji orchard, hanging heavy with fruit, is still 2-3 weeks off.  It’s a great setting, and the menu is highlighting this wonderful fruit to honor an important slice of our Valley’s farming history. Hope you can make it. (Click here for more info and tickets)

Here’s some pictures from last year’s fundraiser – DIG!

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