Fall Harvest Celebration: October 20th, 2012

Fall Harvest Celebration: October 20th, 2012

C’mon Down to our 17th Annual Harvest Celebration!

Event Details

this Saturday, Oct 20th
2:00 pm until dark

<> For the Celebration, come to the ‘upper farm’ (172 Litchfield Lane entrance)
<> For the Apple U-pick, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (see instructions below), go to the ‘lower farm’ (1275 Green Valley Road) and follow signs for parking
(the two locations are connected, so you can park at either spot and walk between them, just be aware there’s a steep hill in-between!)
Click here for directions

No cost – just bring something to share in the pot-luck! (And cash for the donations box if you pick apples or extra pumpkins)

Schedule of Events:
Ongoing Activities: 2:00 pm on
<> Apple U-pick – Please follow signs to Fuji orchards when you come in the driveway at our 1275 Green Valley address. Pick a bag or a bushel, then come join us at the ‘upper farm’ for the rest of the celebration!
<> Apple Cider Pressing – by the fire circle
<> Face Painting
<> Pumpkin Harvesting
<> Apple bobbing contest
<> Farm Tour with Farmer Tom!
<> Warm Apple Focaccia Bread Making – at the cob oven
<> Potato Sack Races for kids of all ages!
<> 5:30 pm – Potluck dinner, Music, and Bonfire

We encourage you to bring your own plates, bowls, forks, spoons, cloth napkins… even cups for cider, in order to minimize the un-recyclable waste of paper plates and plastic utensils and such going into the landfill. Thanks! OH, and don’t forget a serving utensil for your pot-luck item!

What to bring:
<> Above-mentioned plates, utensils, cups etc for pot-luck
<> A dish of some sort to share in the pot-luck (don’t forget to bring a serving utensil! Please also bring a card or note with ingredients if not obvious, so people with food allergies will know what they can and cannot eat)
<> A blanket to spread on the ground to picnic on
<> Hats, jackets, sweaters, etc – it gets cool in the evening!
<> A flashlight, if you plan on staying until dark

In year’s past we had a Pie Contest which will NOT take place this year, however, I (Farmer Tom) for one will make a pie and we will have a separate specially-decorated table just for our creative pie baking enthusiasts.

This year we need a few volunteers to help with the Harvest Fest. Please call me (831-760-0436) or e-mail thomas@baymoon.com if you can lend a hand, even if it’s only for a short time, whether it’s helping with setting up, apple pressing, apple u-pick, pumpkin picking and carving, baking in the cob oven, music, face painting, etc, YOUR HELP is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

– Tom

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