Event Highlights

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We started as a CSA in 1995. We enjoy our history! You can too! These are blog posts, photo essays and videos about Live Earth Farm, mostly done by our members. For you members who have been with us a long time, this is a trip down Memory Lane.

Summer Solstice Celebration 2009: Video with Vegetable Oracle!

Community Workshop 2008: Making the “Toastie 2” Oven (to come)

Harvest Celebration 2007: Video with Welcome Circle

Summer Solstice Celebration 2007: Video with Kuzanga Marimba (to come)

Harvest Celebration (“Fall Equinox”) 2003: LookWalkPickEat…

Summer Solstice Celebration 2003: Peanut the Pony

Farm Community Meet 2003: CAFF Farm Fiesta

Harvest Celebration (“Fall Equinox”) 2002: Festival by Firelight

Educational Farm Day 2002: Global Routes

Community Workshop 2001: Making “Toastie,” a Cob Wood-fired Oven