A “SLICE” of Magic and Inspiration

A “SLICE” of Magic and Inspiration

The welcoming path through the lush green rows of V-trellised Galas had an almost magical feel as the ripe apples glowed red in the afternoon sun.

The setting in the middle of our apple orchard for the Discovery Program’s 5th Annual Fundraiser was graced by amazing weather, and all the hard work for this challenging event culminated with an outpouring of community support by an amazing crew of volunteers, chefs, winemakers, staff, friends, sponsors, and the approximately 100 guests in attendance.

Virtually everything was donated, which means almost all the money raised will pay for kids to participate in our programs.  Your support gives kids in our community the opportunity to experience a “Slice” of Live Earth Farm’s work –to understand and study how healthy food is grown to support a healthy diet, which in turn is the fundamental building block for healthy living communities.

The apple orchard was a beautiful setting to celebrate and acknowledge the Discovery Program’s accomplishments. My heartfelt thanks to all who participated, contributed and inspired to make this our most successful fundraiser event yet.

Follow this link to a great article about the event by Edible Monterey Bay Magazine’s Amber Turpin.

Fall Season is here!

The Fall Equinox is this Sunday, the length of night and day are equal, commencing the return of shorter days. I invite you this week – either when you pick up your share or prepare a meal – to just stop for a moment and reflect on how much of what we do on this farm and in our lives is directly linked to the very cyclical rhythms of our planet, which turns once a day on its tilted axis, wheeling around the sun once a year, circled by its own large moon. I am grateful this farm is supported by such a wonderful community, where the food we grow is the link that joins us in this nourishing seasonal dance.  A happy beginning of Fall to everyone!  Be sure to join us on the farm Saturday, October 26th for our Annual Fall Harvest Celebration.


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