A Great Start to a Promising Fruit Season

A Great Start to a Promising Fruit Season

This is the year you want to be a CSA member and signed up with an Extra Fruit Option.

h-apricot blossoms

The dry and warm early spring weather promises for a bountiful fruit harvest. The bare limned orchards burst into bloom a few weeks ago, first the apricots and plums followed by pears, quince and apples. Strawberries are ripening, and we started picking a few last week. Their quantity will steadily increase, and by June I wouldn’t be surprised if you will be freezing and jamming them. By the end of June, strawberries will be complimented by Santa Rosa and Satsuma Plums just as raspberries and blackberries are starting to come into production.

Apple Blossoms

The brief appearance of our Royal Blenheims in July will overshadow everything else given their short season and irresistible and wonderful flavor.  Our 3-acre orchard, which the last two years has not yielded much due to wet spring weather, burst into bloom and thanks to favorable conditions this year has a great fruit-set.

Amidst an abundance of raspberries and blackberries in July and August, our popular sungold cherry tomatoes and dry-farmed tomatoes will be ready for picking as well. By late August early September the delicious Galas and Warren Pears will announce the coming of Fall.

spring strawberries

As strawberries typically have a second flush in early September, apples, grapes and pineapple guavas will be plentiful to round out the end of the season.  I anticipate the farm will host a lot of u-picks for our community to enjoy. This may be a good year to be a CSA member and to sign up for an extra fruit option. So order extra canning jars and set aside enough time to preserve the many flavorful fruits and vegetables we are growing.

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