Workplace CSA

Workplace CSA

A Live Earth Farm (LEF) Workplace Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program helps workplaces provide their employees with convenient access to fresh, organic produce by connecting them with our local organic farm. Through LEF, employees subscribe to a weekly “share” of our farm’s harvest that we deliver right to the workplace!

What does your Workplace need in order to offer this service to your employees?

  1. Department Sponsor. Within your workplace one department, e.g. Human Relations, Employee Benefits or Work Life Strategies, oversees the Workplace CSA program. This department works closely with the LEF CSA team to offer the shares to your employees.
  2. Point Person (a Host). A central point of contact within this department is important for smooth management of the program. This person must be able to represent both his/her department and workplace, facilitate communication with other departments within the workplace regarding logistics, and attend planning and review meetings. The point person must be available for phone and email communication with the farm throughout the season. For most locations, the basic time commitment is minimal and well worth the benefits of participating in the Workplace CSA program.
  3. Marketing. LEF needs a minimum number of ten members to make the Workplace CSA program economically feasible. The point person (see above) works with your workplace and the LEF CSA team to develop and implement a strategy and timeline for marketing the program and enrolling the target number of members. Your workplace (with help from the farm) will need to promote the program internally to your employees, usually through a combination of meetings, posters, web or email announcements, payroll notices, information tables, etc. LEF will provide basic information about the program and can work with you to develop material that works best for your workplace.
  4. Pick-up Location. Once a week LEF will come to your workplace to deliver produce. For pick-up locations to work well, companies need to identify a site that can be easily accessed by the employees and our delivery person, and where there is enough space for a 6 foot table to hold boxes, berry/fruit flats or crates, and a binder. This site can be inside or outside.  If you choose an outside area, it needs to be sheltered from the elements (sun, rain, animals, etc.). The point person must work within your organization to gain clearance for such a location.

Please contact us at if you are interested in a Workplace CSA for your place of employment.

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