This Season’s CSA Membership Goal

14 May

We are only 75 members short of our projected CSA membership goal, and we would like you to help us reach it.  Unlike in past years where we’ve had a waiting list for CSA memberships, many, mostly positive, factors have changed that reality, where today we enjoy more choice and availability of locally grown organic food. As a farm we are adapting by diversifying our marketing strategy, selling more of our harvest to grocery stores, restaurants, and small distributors, as well as expanding our deliveries to new markets all the way into San Francisco. Nothing has changed in our commitment and philosophy, we however need to adjust to new economic realities and meeting our membership goal is important. You, our members, are what supports and makes the Live Earth Farm community. We are asking that you spread the word to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers about what a benefit being a part of Live Earth Farm and receiving your CSA share box is. Since we are expanding our delivery routes up the Peninsula and into San Francisco, we are interested in creating more pick-up locations in that particular geographic area.  If there is a location you are aware of that would draw several new members, let us know. This could be a general neighborhood, your child’s daycare, or even your place of work; in fact some employers will offer to become a site host so that their employees have easy access to healthy food, and may even incentivize their employees to join the CSA.

Please let us know if you have any ideas, contacts, or suggestions. I hope we can close our membership gap in the next month. Thank you for all your continued support and don’t hesitate to contact me at with feedback and suggestions.

Farm and Community