Edible Monterey Bay’s 1st Anniversary Celebration to be held at Live Earth Farm

01 October

Ever heard of Edible Monterey Bay? It’s one of 70 magazines in the award-winning and beloved Edible Communities family (www.ediblecommunities.com). The Edibles span North America, but each is locally owned and run.

Edible Monterey Bay’s mission is to celebrate the local food cultures of (specifically) the Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey Counties, season by season. They believe in sustainability, and that everyone has a right to healthful, clean and affordable food; that knowing where our food comes from is a powerful thing. Their magazine, website and events hope to inspire readers to get to know and support our local growers, fishers, chefs, vintners and food artisans.

So what’s Live Earth Farm got to do with this? Well Tom has graciously offered up the farm as a venue for this wonderful magazine’s first anniversary celebration. Another fabulous plein-air sit-down five-course dinner (all organic, all local food and wine), coming up soon – next Saturday October 13th. It’s a pretty fantastic lineup, and quite affordable tickets for this kind of thing ($75 apiece includes dinner, wines, tax and tip). Click here to learn more, and to get tickets!