Changes Coming with the New Year: Return of Debbie’s Kitchen

Changes Coming with the New Year: Return of Debbie’s Kitchen

LEF’s new website has been evolving since its launch a few months back, so with the coming year we will be evolving the farm’s newsletter accordingly, to take advantage of its more dynamic structure. To begin with, the new newsletter will be shorter (yay!) and a different format; you’ll be able to scan articles quickly, only jumping to the full stories (blog-post style on the website) for the ones that catch your interest. Also, I will no longer be newsletter editor; instead, each contributor will post their own articles, and Jason will take over sending it out to you all.

Rebecca will still be contributing her recipes, Tom will still write his reflections, and he and others will still keep you posted on what’s happening on the farm and in the fields. The Discovery Program is already producing its own separate newsletter, so the only other new bit is that — by popular demand, I am going to resume writing “Debbie’s Kitchen”. I’m calling it “Debbie’s Kitchen 2.0” as it will not so much be recipes as it will be tips and techniques, plus any and all other things I can offer to inspire you to deal with what’s in you box at any particular time.

So keep an eye out for the new format, coming to an inbox near you with the first CSA delivery of 2013!

Happy 12/12/12,

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