A Foal is Born

A Foal is Born

Longtime members might still remember “Peanut” the Pony, the first animal we adopted when we started Live Earth Farm. Peanut was wonderful with children, letting them ride bareback and always searching for treats in their hands and pockets. He passed away at a healthy age of 27, about 7 years ago.  Little did we know that our daughter Elisa would be so passionate about horses that we would end up with a pony again.

For the last three years Elisa has enjoyed exploring the equestrian world riding a bay pony, named Star, at Belmont Training Stables which is conveniently located at nearby Montevista Christian School. Elisa’s bond to Star, her first pony, has grown so close that when it was time for her to move up to ride a bigger pony we decided to bring Star to the farm to retire.  Not only that, but Constance and Elisa also conspired to breed her one last time.

Horses go through an 11 month pregnancy, or gestation period, and according to our calculations Star was due the middle of May, in approximately two weeks. Last Sunday night however, Star decided it was time and birthed a beautiful baby colt. Mother Nature knew exactly what to do, and both mother and her foal are healthy and adorably cute. Pictures (below) will tell the story better than any amount of words.

Next time you visit the farm, during the upcoming Strawberry U-harvest on May 31 or the Summer Solstice Celebration on June 21,  make sure to pay them a visit in the pastures above the Discovery Garden.

Next on the birthing schedule are our goats, sometime at the end of the month …??  Spring is in full swing, and the dance of life is rich with new and unexpected variations.

Have a great week!

Star with her one day old foal, Clover.

Clover, one day old.

Clover with friends, Elisa (left) and Grace.

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